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Availability of Draft Environmental Impact Assessment and Notice of Public Meeting
Proposed Klotsche Center Annex Addition
DFDM Project # 19H1B
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

A public meeting to present the Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) for the proposed University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) Klotsche Center Annex Addition construction project will be held virtually at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/95148756482?pwd=RVdFcjZ5MTV4cW5GQ2dPR3FxNUU0dz09 (Meeting ID: 951 4875 6482 Passcode: 0iVcL7) A description of the project and potential environmental impacts will be presented, and all persons will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to identify both orally and in writing any support, issues, or concerns they believe should be addressed during the EIA process for this proposed project. The EIA will be prepared in accordance with the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act (WEPA), Wisconsin Statutes 1.11, and UWSA guidelines (Board of Regents’ Resolution 2508, November 6, 1981). The State of Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Development and Management (DFDM) has retained Ayres Associates on behalf of the University of Wisconsin System (UWSA) to prepare this EIA.

The Klotsche Center is the primary place for indoor recreation at UWM and also serves as a practice and game space for UWM intercollegiate athletic teams. A 2018 feasibility study assessed recreation space compared to the National Intramural-Recreation Sports Association, NIRSA, Space Planning Guidelines and found the facility undersized with a deficit of 106,700 ASF.

The project proposes to construct an approximately 18,000 square foot annex to the Klotsche/Pavilion Center, located at 3409 N. Downer Ave, Milwaukee, WI. The new addition will be constructed on the existing Parking Lot #15, located just east of the Klotsche Center. The site is adjacent to the Downer Woods Park and Woodland area. The adjacent Park and Woodland area consists of turf lawn with several trees. State statute allows for limited modifications to this area, and a small portion of this area will be temporarily modified for construction access. It will be fully restored after construction to not alter the present character of the land. The building has been designed so no part of it will encroach upon the lands, including below-grade foundations. This project will maximize the site and address the highest priority needs with space that is versatile: 9,450 SF gym/court space that includes one court and two cross courts, 1,450 SF strength and conditioning space, and 7,100 SF for auxiliary spaces such as a film room, hall of history, fueling station, athlete lounges, mechanical room, and other support services for the UWM Panthers Men’s and Women’s basketball teams on site.

This project’s budget is estimated at $8,100,000 with $7,000,000 funded from student segregated fees and the remaining from gifts. Construction is estimated to commence in June of 2021 with substantial completion by July 2022.

The purpose of the Draft EIA is to identify the potential impacts of the Klotsche Center Annex Addition project on the physical, biological, social, and economic environments. The Draft EIA describing these potential impacts is being made available to the public and to appropriate federal, state, and local agencies for a 15-day minimum review period, which begins December 29th, 2020, and concludes January 13th, 2021. Copies of the document will be available for review at the UW-Milwaukee Golda Meir Library and Milwaukee Central Library, or on the following project website: http://ayresprojectinfo.com/Klotsche%20Center%20Annex%20Addition/default.html

If you are interested in this project or have any information relevant to it, we welcome your comments, suggestions, or other input. For consideration in the Final EIA, please submit your comments at the meeting or in writing by January 13th, 2021. Comment forms are available via the project website Comments in writing can be sent to:

Ben Peotter, PE
Ayres Associates
5201 E. Terrace Drive, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53718

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