Community Comment

We know you’re busy. Your spare time is nonexistent, and we understand that night meetings aren’t the most convenient, and who really likes public speaking anyway! We also understand you want a voice. You want a say in how your community looks, feels, and grows, and you want to be part of the change that can be the future! We hear you, and we have created a method to solicit input into the projects that matter to you. Whether mid-day or midnight, grab a snack – and maybe your glasses – and review the community project that interests you.

As consultants with over 25 years of experience in the ‘place-making’ arena, we understand the value of user feedback. A civic process is a vital ingredient for creating those enduring community spaces and places. The Ayres Associates Community Comment process is a public forum where participants can voice concerns, raise issues, react to progress exhibits, or just plain check in for curiosity’s sake. Either way, we appreciate your interest in the project.

  • Step 1: Locate Community Park/Site
  • Step 2: Review exhibits within your chosen field
  • Step 3: Leave comments specific to the exhibits or in general to the project
  • Step 4: Ayres will review comments at key points in the process and apply them to the project

Congratulations on taking the time to become an active participant in the future of your community!